Hello Darlings!
I make a wishlist in the end of the year every year, but this year I won't...
My resolutions for 2011 didn't fulfill at all (maybe except quiting smoking - and this is a huge change!)
If I could describe this year in one or two words I would say PARTY HARD or better A DEFEAT
Seriously I didn't do anything what could give me a benefits. Especially the 1st half of the year
-completely disaster! Every problem was solved goin to the party. I wanted to forget by drinking and having fun. From the beginning of the September it has little improved but still my life didn't enriched any succes...
Anyway, The New Year's motto is TRAVEL
I must visit as many countries as it's possible and most of all discover myself, a journey into self.

I have more say but now I do not have a time so pls wait for my new note

Hope to meet u here in 2012


My DEAR f-list
I have a big request for all of u

If u read my previous entry u must know that I'm currently into JON (from YFC).
Today he posted a poll on his band's facebook. He's planning the 1st overseas tour
I don't know whether it will take effect but I believe in miracles.
I would be really grateful if u could vote for my country - POLAND.

Here is a link

So if u have a facebook do not hesistate and please,


much love, ada~~


How are you gals? Long time not posting here...
I've made this gif today. Gash but it's too fast hahaa
Still didn't find a job. I was looking for more serious work like assistant or secretary, but it seems that without any experience and higher education u have no chance. I have been thinking about work in the clothing store or cosmetics shop but it looks like the salary is ridiculously low, so I've returned to being a waitress.
I really need money, bc I already spent all my saved money from the previous job...
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srsl what's goin on with me?!

Long time not see you LJ!
Warning- The entry full of complaints.

This what's happening in my life recently, makes me do not want to wake up and get up from the bed sometimes... Why? Bc I know that it'll be another day without finding a solution for my problems .

I feel that the time is goin faster than usually. I spend 3 or 4 days per week in job for 12 hours.
Now thankfully it's a little bit less bc of the exams time at school. But still don't have a strength to learn for'em, especially when you didn't do anything for whole semester.
Anyway that's the last session before the B.A. defence (or smth don't know if it's good written). Now I'm in course of writing my BSc Thesis. Then I have to choose M.A. complementary studies but I don't know if I want to do it in this year!
I have 3 options but if you know other pls tell me:

1) Continue my present major of studies - Ecological farming - it means learning again about things that I'm not interested in like potatoes, sugar beet roots and other blah stuff.
2) Choose another major like Dietetics, which is really hard but interesting at once. Though it's on the other University + qualifying exams so I have a small chance to get in to it
3) Wait another year (meanwhile study hard japanese) and then try to do smth with it.

But if I resign from the studies then I won't get scholarship and insurance...

Then I need a money for my trip to Japan. I planned to go there for 2-3 months on voluntary services but since L'Arc concert is so soon in month that doesn't match for me at all then I can afford myself  to 2 weeks max. Tickets are huge problems but I hope that with friends help I can get them .

At moments like that I really need a big hug from someone who really loves me. But I started to doubt if this person will ever appear...
I like someone, I didn't want to mention about it here but uh..
We work at the same place. First I didn't think about effects of my feelings. I was just happy that my body could feel this warmness and butterflies again. We had very good contact. He even invited me for the New Years party (where I met his gf, yep). I thought that everything will be okey. That finally it will pass away, that his friendship is enough for me, but it is not!
I can't talk with him in normal way anymore and the worst thing is  that he doesn't see how important he is for me (or maybe he doesn't want to see it).
Ugh I always fall into someone who isn't for me...
Many guys are waiting for meIf I wanted I could be with somebody who would do anything for me but...
but I just can't. My stupid heart do not let me.

Maybe thats how the adulthood looks like? I never asked for it so, maybe I have to get used to it...

The conclusion

Let's check  how I went up with my 2010 resolutions here
I could say 3/5. Not so bad since the most important thing was done .
But except that I experienced mooore:

I got a bf and broke up with him after 6 months.
We'done some things together that I've never done before
I was in JAPAN
Became a waitress in japanese restaurant
Saw VAMPS LIVE  ( and I'm LUCKY GURL, u know why why whyyyyy )
Got the tattoo

Please Mr 2011 be more ARRRRESOME than Ms 2010 was

I made a Vamps list (looks like it become a tradition on my LJ) for 2011:

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This year was really amazing and when something is good then it goes really fast... My dear f-list thank you for your support and always nice comments, I love u
and I would love to wish you